Fees and Contracting

Contracting Process

The success of the work or project you contract me to do will largely depend on how well we navigate the contracting process. I like to follow a process in which we determine your needs, prioritized them, then define the scope of the work. WIth a laser focus, we look for where I can have the greatest impact and move your organization closer to accomplishing its goals and eliminating “to do” lists!  The next steps are to agree on a timeline and budget, which I will put in writing.  WIth a clear and reasonable set of deliverables, about which we are mutually agreed,  I am set up to exceed your expectations.

I have a simple contract which can be cancelled with 1 week notice. However, there may be situations in which a different notice period may be agreed by both parties.

Fee Structure

There are a number of ways you can contract Admin Ninja.

Hourly, Ad Hoc

Many organizations have a gap of a few hours at random intervals, either during workload peaks, seasonal changes or employee absences.  If we determine you need 4 hours one week or 10 hours the following month, I can quote you an hourly rate, based on the value of the work.

Block Commitments

When an organization requires consistent part-time support, I can commit a block of my availability either for 1 month or ongoing. The work can be distributed over the month, whenever your workload peaks. Additionally, outside of this schedule, I make myself available to you for questions and assistance with emergent situations. One block represents approximately 10% of a full-time equivalent Assistant. Fees for Blocks, like Hours, will be quoted depending on the value of the scope of work you require. Again, contracts can be cancelled or put on hold with 1 week notice and any unused Blocks will be refunded.


If your need is for someone to plan, oversee or execute a specific one-time project, the fee will be quoted as part of the contracting process. The factors considered with be scope, budget and timeline.  Should there also be a Block contract with your company, the project fee will be discounted in gratitude.


Ninja Guarantee

Because of my confidence in both my contracting process and my competencies, I guarantee my work.  Each contract will include a tailored guarantee but, in general, I will refund your money should you not be satisfied with my work within the first day or within completion of an agreed percentage of the contract.


To introduce me to your administrative needs and to discuss how Admin Ninja can help you take care of your small business administration, email or call me at 604-786-5232.  While I do not answer calls when on the job, I will return your messages when I am off the clock.