My greatest value to small businesses is in recruiting, executing marketing programs, designing and delivering training, improving and documenting systems and controls, and establishing bookkeeping procedures.

I also love to assist sole proprietors, such as contractors or interior designers, in getting their daily hours tracked by project, creating progress invoices, generating estimates and generally revving up their cash flow!  Once I establish the process, I can pretty much hand it back to them or a virtual assistant to sustain it.

I am most useful in contract, part-time or project-based roles, with small business or professional practices which have limited administrative payroll budgets.

My perspective on the business services field is that there are three general categories of providers. Temp agencies excel at providing immediate entry level admin roles.  Business consultants primarily provide strategic advice.  Virtual assistants are highly useful to professionals who have ongoing, remote, part-time administrative needs for functions such as document preparation and correspondence.   As an Admin Ninja, I provide a full range of administrative services, fitting in between the front lines, such as Reception and Sales, and the Owner/Operator.  My background and experience position me to assist with Marketing, Project Management, Office Management, Hiring and Training, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Business Writing, Bookkeeping and Management Reporting, Contracting with service providers and creating Systems and Instructions.

I can provide whichever of these services your require, in your space or mine, part-time or short term, and without the burden of the overhead associated with employing me.




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