Food Scraps Disposal – Is Your North Vancouver Business Ready?

As of January 1st 2015, “Food Isn’t Garbage”.  Is your business ready to dispose of your food waste?  My sense is that many North Shore business are not prepared for this new way of handling organic waste in the workplace.

There are several resources available to you as you make the necessary changes, ranging from website information to outreach workers who will visit your business to help with setting up you new system (see below).

Next Steps?

  • Assign this project to someone in your organization
  • Access available resources/information and plan your new organic waste system
  • Take the Opportunity to look for ways your organization can reduce waste in general
  • Work with building management and/or strata to ensure infrastructure is in place
  • Set up the physical locations and signage
  • Educate your organization on the new rules and your system
  • Follow up to ensure adoption of the new system and provide rewards (have some fun!)
  • Provide feedback on the progress of your waste disposal system
  • Celebrate your contribution to reducing waste in our community (don’t forget to share on Social Media)!

If you don’t have any excess capacity within your organization to manage this project in the New Year, contact me about how I can be of assistance.

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